Lesson Plan: Design A Pet

Last updated: November 24, 2017

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Jack Russell Dog

Technology Level: Classroom Based.

Audience: Ages 8-10

Duration: 90 minutes


By designing their own pet students will learn that different animals have certain requirements to stay healthy and happy and need care throughout their lives.


  1. Board for brainstorming ideas
  2. Paper, pencils, paint, cardboard, fabric, boxes, papier-mâché


  1. www.rspca.org.au
  2. www.petnet.com.au


Lesson Procedure
Topic Notes
1.Introduction (5 mins)  
1.1 Invent A Pet(5 mins)

Students are asked to design a new pet for a selected group of people (can use a number of scenarios) Examples:

  • People living in an apartment
  • People who travel regularly
  • People who live on acreage
  • People working long hours

Students should brainstorm features that their invented pet could have including the pet’s needs and care instructions.

2. Body(60 mins)

Students individually draw the pet to suit the allocated group of people and provide relevant information regarding the pet’s needs and car instructions.

2.1 Plan Your Pet(15 mins)

As a class, devise a plan to ensure students cover all aspects. Consider the points which need to be included such as size, exercise requirements, fur/feathers/fins, (allow students to brainstorm). Record on board for students to revisit while planning their pet. Students draw a detailed picture, labeling their animal’s attributes.

2.2 Produce Your Pet45 mins)

Students produce their animals using materials such as fabrics, boxes, paper-mache etc (anything you like or can get your hands on). As well as their designed animal, students also need to provide a detailed list of needs and care instructions for their animals.

Points for students to consider:

  • How often does your animal need to be fed?
  • How long does it sleep for?
  • Does it sleep during the day or at night?
  • How large/small is your animal?
  • What are his/her natural behaviours?
  • What is your pet’s lifespan?
  • What does he/she eat and drink?
  • How much exercise does he/she require?
  • Does anything frighten him/her?
  • What specific care does he/she need?
3. Conclusion(10 mins)


3.1 Share Your Invention(10 mins)

Students take turns to show their creation to the class and explain what their pet is like and why they would like to own this type of pet. They include the special care and needs of their pet.

Discuss with class why these pets would be suitable for the specific needs in the scenario.

Curriculum Links

Queensland Links

Curriculum Links for this lesson
Key Learning area Curriculum link
The Arts

VA 2.1 Students make images and objects by selecting and manipulating elements and additional concepts

VA 4.2 Students make and display images and objects, considering purposes and audiences.

English – Essential Learnings

Speaking & Learning

  • The purpose of speaking and listening includes informing, presenting simple arguments, negotiating relationships and transactions, and seeking opinions of others.
  • Statements, questions and commands generate and maintain discussions and conversations.

LL 1.1 Students discuss their thinking about needs of living things

LL 2.3 Students make links between different features of the environment and the specific needs of living things

Technology TP 2.2 Students generate design ideas, acknowledge the design ideas of others and communicate their design ideas using annotated drawings that identify basic design features.


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