Daffodil the Yellow Bellied Glider

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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Daffodil was rescued by the RSPCA rescue team after becoming entangled on barbwire at Park Ridge.

Her left gliding membrane had been wrapped 4 times around the barbs in her attempts to escape throughout the night. She was cut free and brought to the wildlife hospital to have surgery performed to remove the barbs.

She has been in care with us for a week on medications to relieve the pain and prevent infection in the membrane.

She is now fully recovered and is returning to Park Ridge to be reunited with her family group tonight. She only has a small amount of scar tissue where the barb was, but this should not effect her gliding abilities – these gliders have been recorded to glide over 100m in one flight!

We treat many cases of barbwire entanglement each year including animals such as gliders, kookaburras, barn owls and most commonly flying foxes. If you don’t need it remove it! Check out www.wildlifefriendlyfencing.com for more info on preventing barbwire injuries to native wildlife.

A Yellow Bellied Glider rests in the RSPCA Wildlife Ward


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