Baby Ringtails Stranded Roadside

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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Two baby ringtail possums held in the hands of RSPCA Wildlife Hospital team memberEvery night on Australian roads, possums (along with other native wildlife) are struck by vehicles and left on the side of the road. Many of these possums have babies who are still alive in their pouch … And if they aren’t rescued, they are left to die a slow death. Poppy and Kira, two baby ringtail possums are two of the lucky ones.

While out attending to other rescue jobs, the rescue team saw their mother laying on the gutter at Moorooka in Queensland. They pulled over and popped on the hazard lights to safely check her pouch. Poppy and Kira were inside – cold, dehydrated and starving. They were still attached to the teats so mum, along with Poppy and Kira still in her pouch, were placed in a cage with a heat pack on her belly and taken straight back to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital. After veterinary treatment they were sent to an experienced wildlife carer to be raised and rehabilitated back to the wild.

We wish Poppy and Kira the best of luck on their road to recovery, and implore you to help us spread their story far and wide. If we can encourage more people to stop and check wildlife who have been injured or killed on our roads, many lives will be saved.


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