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Two hands outlined in white on red rock.Studying a Bachelor of Arts (Australian Studies) or Bachelor of Arts (Aboriginal Studies) will give you the opportunity to explore our history and culture, as well as factors impacting on multiculturalism, race, class, and contemporary Aboriginal issues. You will also study Australia in a rapidly changing world and gain the experience to apply your knowledge in a number of professions with confidence and vision.

Double degrees are available with Education, Social Work or Human Services.

You can also study a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters in Aboriginal Studies with extensive work experience in Aboriginal Affairs or a related area considered for entry.

With the added knowledge and qualifications you’ll gain, you’ll be in a much stronger position to help make a positive change and bring a new passion, perspective and vision to create a better life for Indigenous and non Indigenous Australia.

Applications can be made through the South Australia Tertiary Admissions Centre at

For further information please contact the David Unaipon College of Indigenous Education and Research on (08) 8302 9194.


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