RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

It’s wild in the Wildlife Hospital! Get to know the colourful characters and hear their stories as they come and go from the Wildlife Hospital.

Wildlife Hospital Flood Survivors

Wildlife Hospital Flood Survivors - Two rainbow lorikeets nibbling some food in the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Maggie the Eastern Grey Kangaroo, Jingo, Ringo, Gringo, Bingo And Fred the rainbow lorikeets & Harold the Magpie are all visitors through the RSPCA Wildlife Ward this week.

Wildlife Hospital Flood Damaged

Wildlife Hospital Flood Damaged - Echidna at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward during the Qld floods 2011

The RSPCA wildlife hospital is currently ‘out of order’ due to the recent flood damage at the Fairfield Shelter. However, that doesn’t stop people bringing in animals needing help.

Pumpkin, Charlie & the Woodies

Pumpkin, Charlie & the Woodies - A baby brushtail possum all wrapped up in a blanket

So much has been happening in the RSPCA Wildlife Ward! Pumpkin the Brushtail Possum, Charlie the Carpet Python and the Woodies (wood ducks) are our featured wildlife this month.

Microbat, Echidna & Swallows

Microbat, Echidna & Swallow - a spiky echidna in the arms of an rspca wildlife ward employee

It’s been busy in the RSPCA Wildlife Ward lately. We’ve had Swift, Ziggy and Sprint the three little swallows, Cactus the Echidna & Splat the Microbat.

Yellow Faced Whip Snake Bite

Yellow Faced Whip Snake Bite -a brown whip snake at the rspca wildlife ward

The biggest story we from the Wildlife Ward this month is one staff member’s embarrassing tale of being bitten by a yellow faced whip snake and taken to hospital in an ambulance.

Wildlife & Oil Don’t Mix

Wildlife & Oil Don't Mix - An adult pelican

An oil spill occured in March 2010 when the container ship Pacific Adventurer was pierced in two locations by its own shipping containers.