RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

It’s wild in the Wildlife Hospital! Get to know the colourful characters and hear their stories as they come and go from the Wildlife Hospital.

Boots the Brown Goshawk

Boots the Brown Goshawk - A brown goshawk stands on a piece of wood in the Wildlife Ward

Now this is a story of entanglement if ever we’ve heard one! We often admit birds that have been caught with string, fishing line, hair or other artifacts around their feet.

Cartman the Koala

Cartman the Koala - up close photo of adult koala

Cartman the Koala was brought to the RSPCA wildlife hospital when he went inside a hardware store and couldn’t find his way out. He is a busy young boy full of attitude!

Elvis the Orphaned Flying Fox

Elvis the Orphaned Flying Fox - Elvis resting on the shoulder of RSPCA Wildlife carer

Meet Elvis, an orphaned Flying Fox. Elvis, the baby bat, was found on the road after his mother was hit by a car when he was only 2 weeks old. This is his story.

What’s in the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital This Week?

What's in the Wildlife Hospital This Week? - An RSPCA employee holds a kookaburra

RSPCA Qld rescues thousands of wildlife every year, and this is just two of the many cases. A touching wildlife rescue known as the miracle Kookaburra, named Gorilla and a lovely little squirrel glider who was found in the park without his mother.

RSPCA Wildlife Hospital July 2011

RSPCA Wildlife Hospital July 2011 - a black swan recovers at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward in Queensland

The RSPCA Widlife Ward has had another busy month with a black swan, a wood duck family, a black flying fox and a feathertail glider all spending some time with us at the wildlife recovery ward.