RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

It’s wild in the Wildlife Hospital! Get to know the colourful characters and hear their stories as they come and go from the Wildlife Hospital.

Angus the Eastern Grey Kangaroo

Angus being checked over by the RSPCA wildlife rescue team on the side of the road

The rescue team noticed Angus laying beside the road near the new RSPCA Animal Care Campus early one morning. Throughout the day they noticed he didn’t move and started to get concerned that he needed help.

Philippe the Pacific Black Duckling

Philippe the Pacific Black Duckling - A yellow and brown fluffy duckling rests in the palm of a hand

This little pacific black duckling was brought to the RSPCA wildlife hospital from Cornubia late one night. He must have been following his mum across the road when she went over a storm water drain and sadly he went down it.

Mimi the Pretty Faced Wallaby

Mimi the Pretty Faced Wallaby - wrapped in a blanket at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Mimi’s mum was hit by a car at Mount Tamborine. Her mum died instantly and poor Mimi was knocked from the pouch and was found curled up next to her deceased mother.

Gonzo the Rainbow Lorikeet

Gonzo the Rainbow Lorikeet - standing on paper and eating some seeds

Gonzo the Rainbow Lorikeet came to the RSPCA Wildlife Ward after flying into a window. The indent on his beak shows just how hard he hit the glass; he must have been going at full speed.