RSPCA approved information about our native Australian mammals. Find general information about mammals as well as how to live with and care for our Australian mammals.


Wombats - Photo of a wombat

Wombats are large burrowing mammals that are found in Australia. They are primarily nocturnal, meaning that they are awake during the night and sleep during the day.


Koala - A baby Koala

Learn about koala biology, how to help koalas, how to avoid conflict with koalas, koalas & pools, koalas & dogs, koala sounds, koalas & vehicles, feeding issues & more.

Possums and Gliders

Possums and Gliders - A baby glider held in the hand

Learn more about Possums and gliders including topics such as possums and gliders biology, possum and glider threats, common conflicts and more.

Flying Fox

Flying Fox - A flying fox hanging upside down

Flying fox biology, flying fox communication, how to avoid conflicts (netting, barbed wire, powerlines, motor vehicles, garden netting), flying fox rehabilitation & more.