Living With Wildlife

Articles about how we can better live and care for our native wildlife.

Plovers in Schools

Plovers In Schools - A plover in a grassy field

Plovers love open country and in particular like large grassy areas like school ovals. Learn what to and what not to do when you have Plovers at your school.

Living with Plovers

Living with Plovers - A plover in a grassy field

Plovers can become aggressive to protect their young from potential threats. Although an ‘angry’ plover is just trying to be a good parent, this behaviour can be misunderstood and lead to conflict with people.

School Wildlife Guide (Queensland)

School Wildlife Guide Queensland - Beautiful young kookaburra

A school wildlife guide for a range of wildlife situations. Wildlife facts, injured wildlife, native animals, young birds, how schools can help, wildlife contacts and more.

Humane Killing of Cane Toads

Humane Killing of Cane Toads - Adult Cane Toad in the grass

Most of us consider cane toads to be pests and quite reasonably want to eliminate them from our gardens. However, they are animals and can suffer pain. They must be handled and killed humanely.

Wildlife in the Garden

Wildlife In Our Garden - Two baby gliders snuggled into a human hand

There are many fascinating wild animals that share the places we live in. Wild animals require healthy habitats in which to live, safe from introduced species.