Australian Birds

RSPCA approved information about our native Australian birds. Find general bird information, learn how to live with and care for Australian birds.


Plovers - A plover sitting in the grass

Plovers are found across Australia. It is a long-legged wading bird with a black head, white belly and yellow facial wattles. Plovers and people often come into contact during breeding season.

Noisy miner

Noisy miner - A noisy miner sitting on a tree branch

Learn general information about noisy miners (honeyeaters) as well as how to help noisy miners (honeyeaters) to breed and their current rehabilitation efforts.


Kookaburra - Photo of a Kookaburra

There are two types of Kookaburra in Australia, belonging to the kingfisher family Alcedinidae. They are the Laughing and the Blue winged kookaburras.

Black & White Birds

Black & White Birds - A small black and white bird sitting on a branch

Black and white birds can include the Peewees (Grallinidae), Magpies, Currawongs, Butcherbirds, Crows (Cracticidae), Ravens (Corvidae) and Willie-wagtails (Monarchidae).

Brush Turkey

Brush Turkey - A photo of a brush turkey

Learn about biology, where brush turkeys live, what brush turkeys sound like, what brush turkeys eat, breeding, mounds, egg hatching, threats, protection and how you can help.


Ibis - Photo of an ibis

There are three types of Ibis in Australia, belonging to the family Threskiornithidae, the Straw necked, Glossy and White (Sacred) ibis. Learn more about Ibis with this informative Ibis information sheet.


Cuckoo - A mother cuckoo feeding a baby cuckoo

The Cuckoo information sheet including biology, pictures, breeding information and feeding issues.