Caring for Dogs

Learn what dogs need to be happy and healthy.

Pets in Hot Cars – YouTube Video

Pets in Hot Cars - a screenshot from the video with the text Pets in Hot Cars on black

They’re our closest companions, so why would you leave them unattended in a hot car? In this episode of RACQ TV, with the help of RSPCA, we look at the how leaving your furry canine friend in the car for just a few minutes, can cause them severe, even life threatening injuries.

Puppies and Young Children

Puppies and Young Children - a very cute saint bernard puppy with toungue hanging out

A young child with a new puppy can be a delightful experience, full of Kodak moments – but there are precautions you should take for both your child and puppy.

Parvo Virus & Your Dog

Parvo Virus & Your Dog - A white fluffy dog

The RSPCA warns all dog owners, puppy owners in particular, to vaccinate for the parvo virus. Learn about parvo virus and how to prevent your dog from getting it.

Dental care for Dogs & Cats

Dental care for Dogs & Cats - A dog chewing on a toothbrush

Attention to your pet’s teeth is just as important as ensuring flea control, regular worming and vaccinations. Pets can often have bad breath.

Heartworm in Dogs & Cats

Heartworm in Dogs & Cats - a golden labrador licks paw

Heartworm is a common and deadly menace that kills dogs and cats. Understanding heartworm, its damages, how it infects pets and its prevention is a great step towards a healthy pet.

Winter Dog & Cat Care

Winter Dog & Cat Care - Dog playing in the snow

Just like us, our pets feel the effects of a cold winter’s day or night! Learn about how to take care of your pet during the winter.

Worming Your Dog

Worming Your Dog - Photo of a happy border collie

Worms can be a dangerous problem for your pet and sometimes even for your family. Part of the danger stems from the fact that worms are sometimes difficult to detect.

Tick Paralysis

Tick Paralysis - Picture of a paralysis tick

Ticks are a serious problem for dogs and cats. They may be small but they are one of the most dangerous parasites affecting domestic animals.

Desexing Your Pet

Desexing Your Pet - a short haired cat on a bed

There are far too many unwanted kittens and to a lesser extent puppies. Regretfully, many thousands of cats in particular are euthanased each year in Australia. Desexing can help prevent and reduce this.