Behaviour & Training

Tips, techniques and guidelines for training and understanding the behaviour of animals provided by the RSPCA Animal Training and Behaviour Centre.

Leaving Dogs Home Alone

Leaving Dogs Home Alone - Photo of a burmese mountain dog

Here are a few tips on how to keep your dog happy when you leave your dog home alone. Keeping your dog happy at home alone will lead to a more enjoyable life for you and your dog.

Resource Guarding in Dogs

Resource Guarding in Dogs - A dog growls and shows teeth

Aggression over a valued resource, like food, can happen quite commonly in both adult dogs and puppies. This article covers best practice for dealing with resource guarding in dogs.

The Silly Game

The Silly Game - A dog lays on its back

A great game for playing with dogs who aren’t interested in playing with toys or you. For dogs that are picky with toys, it can help to broaden their range of toys.

Doggy Digging

Doggy Digging - A dog digging a hole in the lawn

Puppies love to dig, it’s new, fun and you can usually find really interesting stuff down there. Here are a few tips to manage your puppy’s digging behaviour.

Clicker and Target Training

Clicker and Target Training - A small dog with a bow on its head

This article is anoutline of clicker and target training which aims to teach the basics about what clicker and target training are, their benefits and their methods.

Destructive Chewing

Destructive Chewing - A dog chewing a bone

Dogs, especially puppies, are extremely playful and this can also be destructive. Learn how you can guide this normal behaviour into non-descructive activities


Tug-O-War - Dog pulling in a tug o war training exercise

Tug-O-War is a fun way to train your dog. Learn how to play and teach Tug-O-War with your dog the right way so that is fun as well as a great training tool for your dog.

Leave It


It is important to teach your dog to ignore an object or food on command. For example, if you are walking you do not want to let your dog investigate a dead cane toad…

Mat Training

Mat Training - A dog laying on the floor

Unless we teach the dogs how we expect them to behave around the house they will not know. The mat training exercise teaches the dog exactly what we do require of him.

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