Behaviour & Training

Tips, techniques and guidelines for training and understanding the behaviour of animals provided by the RSPCA Animal Training and Behaviour Centre.

Clicker Training for Rabbits

Clicker Training for Rabbits - A photo of a grey and white adult rabbit

Clicking your clicker lets your rabbit know exactly which behaviour you are asking for. Clicker training is a very useful tool for training your rabbit.

Cats and Aggressive Play

Cats and Aggressive Play - A cat biting a finger

What is aggressive play for a cat? Learn the difference between normal aggressive play for cats and when aggressive play can become a problem and what you can do about it.

Shy Cats

Shy Cats - A cat hiding in the dark

Everyone’s met a shy cat: they’re the cats that run for cover at the sight of visitors, or skulk around the edges of a room and never really come out into the open.

Cat Hunting

Cat Hunting - An orange cat peeks over a fence

Cats have evolved over thousands of years to be one of the most effective and efficient hunters on land. This must be kept in mind when you own a cat.

Toilet Training Puppies & Dogs

Toilet Training Puppies & Dogs - Photo of a cattle dog puppy

Toilet training can be a new puppies most frustrating exercise…and yours. Just when you think the puppy has got the right idea, you find another puddle. What do you do?

Getting Dogs Used to the Car

Getting Dogs Used to the Car - three dogs sticking their heads out the window of a parked car

It is important that dogs learn to enjoy a car trip with us. Learn how to set your dog up to succeed at being at ease with driving in a car.

Why We Don’t Punish Dogs

Why We Don't Punish Dogs - a black pug in the grass

Dogs only make associations with things that have immediate consequences for them. As such, when using punishment, you must catch them in the act.

Puppy Mouthing

Puppy Mouthing - a puppy biting a hand

Mouthing is often tolerated in young puppies as it is thought to be a teething behaviour. Learn more about nipping, mouthing and biting and what you can do to deal with it.

Why Should I Crate My Dog?

Dog Crates - A dog sitting in the grass

Why Should I Crate My Dog? What Sort of crate should I Use for my dog? How do I set the Crate Up for Success? Learn about crating your dog for success with this general fact sheet.

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