Companion Animal Rescues

Follow along as RSPCA inspectors rescue and protect Australian companion animals.

Elke’s story

Elkes Story - Elke, a healthy brown and white puppy after being rescued by the RSPCA

RSPCA inspectors attended a property in Gippsland at the request of Local Laws Officers to remove a number of Curly-coated Retrievers and German Short-haired Pointers.

Georgie’s Story

Georgies Story - Picture of Georgie after being rescued by the RSPCA in Queensland. She is missing her back right leg

The defendant, and owner, of this dog faced six charges of cruelty after it was discovered that he had been cruel to his dog.

Molly’s Story

Mollys Story - Molly at the residence she was rescued from in Victoria. She is extremely skinny

An RSPCA inspector attended a property in Melbourne in response to a complaint by a neighbour of a skinny dog. On arrival, he found a brown Kelpie in very poor condition.

RSPCA Kitten Rescue

RSPCA Kitten Rescue - a fireman cuddling with the rescued black and white kitten

The RSPCA inspectorate received a call from workers at a site where a 10 week old little black & white kitten had its head stuck in a drainage hole of a large steel bin.

Nanooks Story

Nanooks Story - Nanook after being rescued. A healthy and happy adult white dog

Nanook was brought to the RSPCA by an inspector in August 2002. The vet who assessed him on admission said he was in “extremely poor condition and was weak.

China and Rex

China and Rex - Rex after being rescued and now healthy and happy

RSPCA inspector found two underweight dogs and despite instructions from the inspectors, their condition continued to decline over the next several weeks.

Barking Up An Unusual Family Tree

Barking Up An Unusual Family Tree - Suzy with one of the kittens which is full grown

Suzy Q is a dog who’s fed two litters of kittens, yes that’s right KITTENS! Suzy Q’s milk supply had long dried up when the first batch of RSPCA foster kittens arrived.