Lesson Plan: Animals, Animals, Animals!

Last updated: November 24, 2017

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Baby wildlife

Technology Level: Classroom Based.

Audience: 4-8

Duration: 35 minutes


Students can test their knowledge of the animal kingdom!


  1. An appropriate reward of some kind for the winning team!


  1. Lesson Plan
  2. RSPCA Animal Pop Quiz
  3. RSPCA Animal Pop Quiz Cards
  4. Homework Activity

Prior knowledge

Students should have a basic understanding of the different types of native animals in Australia. This lesson would be most suited to follow a unit on native wildlife in Australia, or as an introductory lesson to all the weird and wonderful wildlife that we have!.


Lesson Procedure
Topic Notes
1.Introduction (5 mins)  
1.1(5 mins)

1.1 Today we are going to have a competition to see what you all know about native animals! Put your knowledge to the test and have fun! Winning team will receive a (whatever you have chosen as a prize).

2 Body(25 mins)


2.1(5 mins)

2.1 Divide your class in to teams. Each team should have approximately four students.

Each team is to come up with an animal that will be their buzzer for the contest. For example if one team is the dogs, then they need to make a dog noise as their buzzer if they think they have the right answer! Even older kids enjoy this – so give it a try! It forces students to engage in multiple activities simultaneously and is actually quite tricky!

2.220 mins)

2.2 Quiz time (Resource 2)!

Explain the rules of the quiz to the students:

  • Each team will need a copy of all the animal picture cards cut out (Resource 3).
  • As you read out the clues for each animal, students try to guess the animal and then identify the animal in the picture cards.
  • If they think they know the answer they need to make their team’s animal sound and hold up the picture card that they think is the correct answer.
  • If they are right – they earn a point. If they are wrong, then the other groups attempt to find the correct animal answer!
  • Read out the pop quiz using the clues in Resource 2.
3. Conclusion(5 mins)


2.3 Share & Reflect (5-10 mins)

2.3 Share poetry and discuss the following:

  • styles and structure
  • Which were easier to write?
  • Which styles best suited the stimulus and why?
  • What styles do you like best/least?
3. Conclusion(5 Mins


3.1(5 Mins

3.1 Have a general class discussion on wildlife in Australia and how students can help native animals.

Curriculum Links

Queensland Curriculum Links

As this lesson is based on a quiz, outcomes will most likely not be achieved unless accompanied with further investigation of the topic. Instead this lesson can be used as an observational assessment technique as outlined in the QSA SOSE Syllabus, page 46. Alternatively this lesson could be used as an introductory lesson for the teacher to discover students’ prior knowledge of Australia’s native wildlife.

Suggested Homework Activities

Choose your favourite animal from today’s quiz and do some research on it tonight. Write up a brief report on the animal answering the following questions as outlined in Resource 4: Homework.

Suggestions for Adapting this Lesson for Lower or Higher Year Levels

Teachers could easily adapt the clues to the animals to suit higher or lower year levels.

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