Careers with the RSPCA

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Want to Work with Animals?

rspca officer holding a puppy in rspca uniform

There are many career opportunities with the RSPCA working in a variety of roles – not all involve working directly with animals but all are in support of animal welfare.

Animal-Related Roles

Non Animal-Related Roles

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Interested in Volunteering?

Volunteers are an integral part of all levels of RSPCA operations – from National and State Councils to the occasional gardener and everything in between. They assist in many ways including caring for animals in the Shelters, assisting with administrative tasks and helping out in Opportunity Shops. Many more help out with special events, fundraising and promotions that take place throughout the year.

Learn more about volunteering for the RSCPA.

Not Yet 18?

Volunteers need to be over 18 to work at the RSPCA. So, you might ask yourself: “I am not yet 18, how can I help?”

Here are some suggestions:

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A Day in the Life…

RSPCA Animal Ambulance attendant speaks about her role with the rspca. Photo is her with her laptop and a little dog.

Katrina, an RSPCA rescue/ambulance officer talks about her role.

Describe what happens in a typical day…

There is no typical day. We can be doing anything from rescuing a possum in a drainpipe or a frog in a toilet to saving a dog hit by a car.

What do you love most about your job?

That is easy; the thing I love the most is saving the animals. There is nothing more rewarding than the joy you feel at being able to make such a huge difference. Everyday is a new adventure!

What challenges are involved with your role as an RSPCA

Not every event has a happy outcome and this can be emotionally exhausting. At times we work for hours trying to save an animal without success. Thankfully, there are good times to balance out the sad. The day it doesn’t affect you is the day you need to stop doing the job.

What study/courses did you need to complete in order to obtain your job?

I completed a six-month course in Animal Husbandry at TAFE, then worked as a casual Animal Attendant. On the job training led to my role as an Ambulance/Rescue Officer. To work in this role you need to be gutsy, adventurous, caring and be able to think outside the square.

Want More Information?

For enquiries about careers with the RSPCA please visit


All vacant positions at RSPCA Queensland are posted to the Current Vacancies section of the RSPCA Qld website.

For enquiries about education visits or careers expos please email or call 07 3710 9806 or 0429 626 688.