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Last updated: January 22, 2013

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A koala hugs a stump

The “1300 animal” concept was conceived from numerous reports of the difficulty and time often involved in finding help for injured animals. For instance, an animal is hit on the road (wild or domestic) and the driver stops in a panic to try to help. They have their mobile but who to call? They often contact several agencies before finding someone who can assist. By this time the animal may have died or be suffering needlessly.

The “1300 animal” number aims to abate this problem. With a comprehensive database of wildlife rehabilitators and rescuers, council agencies and other animal organisations state-wide and by using a centralised phone number manned by RSPCA staff, it will be quicker to find assistance for injured animals. The species and location can be used to locate a rescuer in the local area, this person could be you. The RSPCA has been fielding calls for injured animals since its establishment in Queensland in 1876. In 2007 the RSPCA has a call centre that is now manned 24hrs a day with staff trained to handle calls relating to many animal emergency situations.

The “1300 animal” number was launched on August 25th 2006 and is utilised daily. The next phase is to recruit carers and rescuers while continuing to increase awareness of the new help line.

If you would like to be a Wildlife Hero please download and fill in the form and post back to RSPCA Qld. You don’t need to be a licensed rehabilitator to rescue wildlife. You just need to pass any rescued animals on to a qualified person such as a veterinarian or the RSPCA.


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