RSPCA Wildlife Hospital July 2011

Last updated: January 23, 2013

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Wood duck mother with several wood ducklings

Wilma and the kids

Wilma the Wood Duck and her 8 ducklings were brought to the RSPCA one night last week after Wilma was hit by a car. Wilma had many injuries including a swollen eye. She was very lucky not to have much worse injuries. Wilma was a great mother and kept her ducklings warm by tucking them under her wings throughout her stay at the wildlife hospital. She is now ready to go home to hopefully be reunited with her partner.

a black swan recovers at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward in Queensland


Riley the Black Swan was brought to the RSPCA by the Rescue team after he was spotted in a vacant parking lot. Riley was unable to stand and was having trouble holding his head up. The wildlife team found that Riley was very sick and would need treatment. After 2 weeks of care at the RSPCA Wildlife Ward Riley is almost ready to return to his home. He is now able to stand for short periods, loves a swim and hisses at us all the time. Hopefully in another few days he will be on his way.

A flying fox hangs from the side of a cage in the RSPCA Wildlife Ward


This female Black Flying Fox was rescued by a 1300 ANIMAL hero after being spotted caught on barbwire at Archerfield. The barbs have damaged her wings and her mouth in her attempts to free herself. Little Jansen is not out of the woods yet, she has lots of stitches in her mouth and her wings will need time to heal. Fingers crossed she will be on the mend soon and will be able to spend some time with other bats at a wildlife rehabilitation facility.

A feathertail glider peers at the camera from the darkness


This Feathertail Glider was rescued by the RSPCA rescue team and brought to the Wildlife hospital after being caught by a cat. She was quite bruised around her chest, but managed to avoid any punctures that could have proved fatal. She spent a few days in a heated box, eating nectar whilst receiving pain relief before being released back to her home at South Maclean.


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