Lifting the Puppy

Last updated: February 26, 2013

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Animal Training and Behaviour Centre Beautiful young puppy running through the grass on a sunny day.

At some stage in your puppy’s life you are going to have to lift your puppy and if you have never practiced this it will feel like you picked up a can of worms. When it is young you may have to lift it in and out of the car but even as an adult dog you may have to lift it on and off the table at the Vet or at the Dog Grooming. Here are a few tips how you can lift your puppy safely with minimum strain on you and at the same time giving the puppy the feeling of security:

  • Whilst the puppy is standing bend down and place one arm around the puppy’s chest and shoulders and the other arm around the puppy’s hindquarters
  • Bring the puppy close to your chest, massaging the puppy gently and slowly
  • As you stand upright speak to the puppy in a reassuring voice
  • When placing the puppy onto a table make sure that you are holding on to the puppy or it’s collar the entire time as the puppy may decide to jump off the table resulting into damage of it’s shoulders or growth plates in it’s legs.
  • When placing the puppy back on the floor make sure that all four paws are on the ground before you release your full hold.

There are animal training courses available through the RSPCA across Australia:

For Queensland Residents: call the RSPCA Animal Training & Behaviour Centre for further information in regard to courses available on (07) 3426 9928.

For Victoria Residents: for any information on training and behaviour in Victoria call Amanda Murcutt on 92242521

For West Australian Residents: call the RSPCA PawsCentral Adoption Centre for further information about courses available near you on (08) 9209-9309 or visit the RSPCA WA website and follow the “dog training” links.


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