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These are our official sponsors of WOAW. WOAW sponsors have provided significant financial support to the project. There are three levels of official sponsorship:

  • Gold Sponsor: $20, 000 and up
  • Silver Sponsor: $10, 000 and up
  • Bronze Sponsor: Below $10, 000

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Gold Sponsors

RSPCA National Australia

RSCPA National Logo The RSPCA Qld Education Department is very grateful for the financial support of RSPCA National Australia.

AUDA Foundation

The auDA Foundation is a charitable trust that was established by auDA to promote and encourage education and research activities that will enhance the utility of the Internet for the benefit of the Australian community. It is a grant scheme that provides financial support for projects that satisfy the objectives of the auDA Foundation Charter.


Ubisoft LogoA developer, publisher and distributor of video games, Ubisoft has grown at an astonishing pace over the past twenty-two years, positioning itself as one of the key players in today’s entertainment industry.

Corporate Website: www.ubisoftgroup.com

Game portal: www.ubi.com/AU/


These are our official supporters of the WOAW project. Supporters have been paid or volunteered time, but have shown significant ongoing commitment to the project and we are very grateful for their work and support.

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AVA PetPEP LogoAVA PetPEP is the Australian Veterinary Association’s Pets and People Education Program. AVA PetPEP teaches children and the community about responsible pet ownership, safety around animals, healthy living (pets and people), welfare of animals and animals in the community.

FLYING media

FLYING media logoFLYING media are a Brisbane based online business development company, specialising in Content Management Systems, Online Business, and Bespoke Solutions. With years of experience in the industry, they manage and develop the database and programming for the WOAW website.


Platypus.net.au LogoPlatypus.net.au is a progressive company of IT professionals including Network Engineers, Software Programmers, Graphic Designers, Network Administrators and Architects. Platypus.net.au is located in Brisbane, Australia and has been an ongoing supporter of WOAW.

Special Thanks to the Following Amazing People

Janene Wells: Photographer

Janene has provided us with professional quality photos for many pages of the WOAW site. Her images always have a special quality. The personality of the animals in her photos shines through and there is often a visible connection between the people and the animals and people in her photos.

Thanks Janene!

Jenine Davidson: Illustrator

Jenine is a long time supporter of the RSPCA and is the creative genius behind the animated characters, Billy and Sticky Beak. Jenine has also provided a variety of other illustrations for use across the WOAW site and the RSPCA.

Thanks Jenine!

Chris Voigt and Jonathan Lam: Character Animation

Chris and Jonathan are students at Griffith Film School in Brisbane and have put in a great effort to bring Billy and Sticky to life. Their work is much appreciated and enjoyed by the many visitors to WOAW.

Thanks Chris and Jon!