Learning resource for ages 9-13

Happy Animals Game

Happy Animals Game - The illustrated dog from the Happy Animals game

“Happy Animals” is a fun interactive game that teaches about how to treat animals so they will be happy and healthy.

Marsupial Pouch Pattern

Pouch Pattern Activity - Photo of koala sleeping against tree

If you can sew, knit or crochet than you can make a Marsupial Pouch and the pouch will be used for rehabilitating wildlife.

Cats Chatterbox

Cats Chatterbox - Thumbnail image of the chatterbox showing pictures of animals and facts about them

Create your own RSPCA cat chatterbox! Have fun and learn lots of amazing facts about cats. Did you know that cats tongues have tiny hooks that point backwards?

Bath Time Fun! Colour In

Bath Time Fun - Illustration of a dog having a bath

Bath Time Fun is a black and white colouring in sheet with a happy dog getting all cleaned up in the bath!

Pet Love Poem

Pet Love Poem - Photo of a dog

No matter how much we love our pets, we can never love them as much as they love us. But we can try…

I rescued a human today

Activity: I rescued a human today - Photo of a chocolate lab

A story about a dog at an animal shelter who finds a human in need and “rescues” her. Story by Janine Allen.