Our New Family Member Charlotte

Last updated: January 22, 2013

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Photo of Charlotte, a long haired dark and light brown dog adopted from the RSPCA animal shelter in Fairfield

I would just like to thank you for the wonderful family I have who I have adopted from you.

I have a black and white persian (grizzly), a red-point himalayan (melt) and a black and white mouse (charlotte) all from the Fairfield Shelter. They also have some other bird/mouse and guinea pig brothers and sisters who have come to me from here and there. I have had the cats for a number of years and charlotte has been with me for a couple of months.

My dad has a silky cross (Jake) who he adopted from fairfield a few years ago.

Photo of two cats adopted from the Fairfield Shelter

I live for my beautiful babies and I would do anything to make their life happy. I absolutely love them to pieces. I am so thankful that they are part of my life, and I am lucky to have their unconditional love and support everyday.

ALL of them are loving, sweet, funny, smart and fill my life with so much humour and happiness. I just couldn’t be without them. I know dad feels the same way about Jake.

They truly are the best of friends.

I also foster cats and kittens for you and I love it so much!

Here are some photos of our animal family from Fairfield.

All the best,

Adopt an animal and begin your own happy tail.

There are many beautiful animals available for adoption at RSPCA shelters. All have undergone vigorous health and temperament checks to ensure their suitability as pets. These animals deserve a second chance, so if you are considering purchasing a pet, please visit your local RSPCA shelter first.

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