Barking Up An Unusual Family Tree

Last updated: January 22, 2013

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Suzy with one of the kittens which is full grown.Suzy Q and one of the kittens all grown upSuzy with her kittensSuzy Q and the kittens.Suzy Q is a dog who’s fed two litters of kittens, yes that’s right KITTENS! Suzy Q’s milk supply had long dried up when the first batch of RSPCA foster kittens arrived. She obligingly allowed the hungry kittens to get her milk going again, protecting her brood and grooming them tenderly. The kittens are all fit and healthy young cats now and Suzy Q has just raised her second feline litter.

Now that her kittens are independent, Suzy Q has been enjoying interrupted cat naps. As for her “children” – they quite enjoy fetching their new owners’ slippers.

Suzy Q belongs to an experienced animal carer – she was not a shelter animal. All cats and dogs that leave the RSPCA are desexed. This means we don’t have to worry about them having unwanted kittens or puppies. After all – we don’t have a Suzy Q for the many thousands of kittens and puppies left at the RSPCA shelters each year.

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