RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

It’s wild in the Wildlife Hospital! Get to know the colourful characters and hear their stories as they come and go from the Wildlife Hospital.

Its that time of year again for baby birds

A baby figbird chick at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

ts that time of year again – Figbird time. Baby birds come in waves, first the noisy minors then the magpies followed by the crows and butcherbirds then just before Christmas, the figbird chicks start fledging.

Huggy the Duckling Swimming Alone

A fluffy yellow duckling standing on newspaper in the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Huggy the duckling was seen swimming alone on a pond in the Botanical gardens. A concerned resident called the RSPCA for assistance and the Rescue unit was sent to check out the situation.

Wazza the Koala

Wazza the Koala - A koala hides amongst some leaves at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Wazza the Koala was found lost and confused after making his way into a warehouse through the open door. After climbing a few shelves and making a mess he was soon discovered and the RSPCA rescue team were called to help Wazza.