Find fun and interactive games that help teach about animals or have animals as a central theme.

Swoopa the Seal

Swoopa the Seal - Cartoon seal

Swoopa is the quickest Seal in the sea. Help him catch lots of fish before the time runs out, but watch out for the red mines!

Snowboard Gecko

Snowboard Gecko - Cartoon drawing of a gecko riding a snowboard

Snowboarding Gecko gets big air and pulls cool tricks off jumps for big points. Go around the poles and pick up points, but watch out for trees!

Gecko Skateboarder

Gecko Skateboarder - Cartoon gecko riding a skateboard

Be a radical Gecko! Gecko skaterboarder skates the streets doing tricks and earning points. Slide on benches & jump over garbage cans.

Run Chicken Run

Run Chicken Run Game - Illustrated thumbnail image from the game showing a chicken

All over the world many chickens live sad lives, suffering in small wire cages. Play ‘Run Chicken Run’ to help your chicken live a happy and healthy life!

Happy Animals Video Game

Happy Animals Game - The illustrated dog from the Happy Animals game

“Happy Animals” is a fun interactive game that teaches about how to treat animals so they will be happy and healthy.

Who’s Egg Is This?

Whose Egg Is This - An egg sitting in childs hands

Who’s Egg Is this? In this fun little activity you get to see photos of different types of eggs and try to guess what animal they are from?

Doo Wop Horses

Doo Wop Horses - Illustration of three cartoon horses

Make sure your sound is turned on for this one. After all the horses appear, click a horse to make him start or stop his part. Mix and match for unlimited musical possibilities!

Leap Frog

Leap Frog - A Cartoon Frog

Your mission is to see how quickly you can switch the frogs to the opposite side of the picture.