Common Questions About WOAW

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What is the RSPCA?

The RSPCA is a charity that works to protect all animals, great and small.Each State and Territory in Australia has it’s own RSPCA.

The RSPCA works hard taking care of the animal shelters, finding new homes for animals, helping animals and teaching about how to take good care of our pets.

To learn more go to the RSPCA National website.

About WOAW

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What is WOAW?

The RSPCA World of Animal Welfare (WOAW) is a fun website for people of all ages.

The WOAW websites teaches about animals and the RSPCA.

WOAW also teaches about being kind to animals and having respect for animals, people and the environment.

When you get to the log in page at you choose your age group to enter the WOAW site. By choosing 8 and Under for your age group you enter a world of animal welfare that is made just for kids your age!

Contacting WOAW

How do I contact WOAW admin?

A contact button is available from every page in the site and it is located in the top menu bar on the page and this will take you to the Contact WOAW page

I’m lost! How can I find the page I’m looking for?

You can search the entire WOAW site from the left hand sidebar just under the main menu.