Two Baby Possums Found On The Road

Last updated: March 22, 2016

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Two baby ringtail possums held in the hands of RSPCA Wildlife Hospital team memberAt night, possums are in danger from cars and trucks when they try and cross the road.

Sometimes, a mother possum is hit and she can have babies who are still alive in her pouch.

Poppy and Kira, two baby ringtail possums are two lucky possums who were found.

The RSPCA Rescue Team found the mother possum laying on the side of the road.

They pulled the car over and put on the hazard lights to safely check her pouch.

Poppy and Kira were inside!

They were very cold.

And, they were very thirst.

And, they were also hungry.

The team brought the two babies straight back to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital.

When they arrived at the Wildlife Hospital a vet looked them over to make sure the babies were ok.

They were OK!

Next, they were sent to a wildlife carer until they are old enough to go back to the wild.

Good luck Poppy and Kira!!!


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