Let’s Learn About The RSPCA


RSPCA logo with a green paw print belowThe RSPCA is a charity that works to protect all animals, great and small.

Each State and Territory in Australia has it’s own RSPCA.

The RSPCA works hard taking care of the animal shelters, finding new homes for animals, helping animals and teaching about how to take good care of our pets.

Learn more about the RSPCA in your state or territory.

Five Freedoms Logo

The Five Freedoms

The RSPCA believes that all animals should have a happy and healthy life. The Five Freedoms work together for animals to make sure that they are cared for.

Young student interacting with an RSPCA Education Officer during an RSPCA School Visit

RSPCA Education Programs

The RSPCA comes and teaches to schools and communities all over Australia. There are lot’s of fun programs, such as shelter tours, having RSPCA Education Officers visiting your school, the EMU and Farm Schools.

Teenager cuddles a puppy

How You Can Help

No matter what age you are, there are lots of ways you can help the RSPCA to help animals in need.

RSPCA Animal Attendant with cow

Jobs with the RSPCA

RSPCA has many different jobs. Lots of jobs at the RSPCA are working with animals, but not all of them.

Cupcake from Cupcake Day for the RSPCA event

RSPCA Events

There are many events across Australia where you can get out and support the RSPCA while having fun. The RSPCA Australia website has information on each of the events across Australia.

A free range chicken in the sunlight

RSPCA Campaigns

The RSPCA has campaigns and issues in many areas, such as farm animals, companion animals, animal transport and wild animals, just to name a few. The RSPCA Australia website has information on each of the campaigns.

A firefighter cuddles with a rescued kitten

Animal Rescues

Wildlife, companion animal and farm animals have their rescue stories told. There are stories, photos and videos of the RSPCA animal rescues in action!