RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

It’s wild in the Wildlife Hospital! Get to know the colourful characters and hear their stories as they come and go from the Wildlife Hospital.

Baby Ringtails Stranded In The Pouch

Two Baby Ringtail Possums Found On The Side Of The Road - Two baby possums held in the hands of RSPCA Wildlife Hospital team member

Every night on Australian roads, possums (along with other native wildlife) are struck by vehicles and left on the side of the road. Many of these possums have babies who are still alive in their pouch.

Lucky Bubbles The Echidna

An echidna with damage to his nose is held in the arms of RSPCA Wildlife carer

Bubbles the echidna came to the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital after a very unfortunate incident with a car. The impact of the car damaged the tip of his beak…

Cedar the Little Wood Duck

A wood duckling rests in the hands of an RSPCA worker

A little wood duck came into the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital after escaping a raging fire yesterday. In the heat of the moment, this little sweetheart (who we’ve since named Cedar) became separated from his family, and was lost.

Wazza the Koala

Wazza the Koala - A koala hides amongst some leaves at the RSPCA Wildlife Hospital

Wazza the Koala was found lost and confused after making his way into a warehouse through the open door. After climbing a few shelves and making a mess he was soon discovered and the RSPCA rescue team were called to help Wazza.