About WOAW: The RSPCA World of Animal Welfare

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Fun and Education Online

Dog and person sitting in front of laptop

Presenting animal welfare in a fun and educational way online – WOAW! The RSPCA World of Animal Welfare (WOAW) is an exciting and educational website for people of all ages focusing on humane educational practices and learning resources. Humane Education is about fostering kindness, respect and empathy for animals, people and the environment.

Age Appropriate Learning Environments

Our website is unique in that when a user visits the World Of Animal Welfare they will log on to an age appropriate interface. This ensures that the content that the user sees and interacts with is relevant and useful to them.

You can switch age ranges at any time using by selecting your age range and clicking “Switch!” above the main menu on any page.

WOAW: An RSPCA Initiative

RSPCA is an independent, non-government community based charity providing animal care and protection services. We have a proud history of over 100 years in Australia and strongly believe that education is the key to making positive changes for the future of both humans and their companion friends.

Support RSPCA Education

If you would like to know more about WOAW or any of RSPCA’s other Education programs, or if you are interested in sponsorship opportunities please contact WOAW admin.